New Song. Once again rough copy. Me and my Iphone. (Miss Iphone obsessed)   (c) Matisse Walkden-Brown 07/12/2010 for music and lyrics. (Excluding individual photographs used in slideshow- no ownership assumed)

Dear Bubba

Last night I saw you, on a green oval, running a race. Like that one you ran around the grounds of your school. With the boy in the silly shoes. You were laughing which was good. Every time I tried to stop you, you’d say ‘gotta keep going, see you in a bit.’ And off…

tie your own shoelaces

Welcome to the world. Word to the wise. Sometimes things are going to suck. Sometimes things are going to be incredible. Sometimes people are going to mess you around. And sometimes they will pick you up. Cars won’t start. Coffee will burn your tongue. A man will knock your pride. But the world owes you nothing….