Funny Isn’t It

I donโ€™t know when I stopped writing. I think maybe it was when I started a blog. But I can you know. Write I mean. I usually use pencils. Or charcoal on black paper. Nowadays I seem to just use a Macbook. A Macbook pro. I donโ€™t know when I stopped singing. I think maybe…

Wake Up and See the Wanker

It’s simple really. Stupidly simple. They do not make you happy. They make you nervous and anxious. You leave them hoping you leave a good impression. (You leave them forgetting what’s good.) It’s sad really. Humorously sad.ย They do not know you. They tell you who you are. They make you feel like a clawing cat….

Rabbit Hole

    (c) Matisse Walkden-Brown 12/10/2011

Lessons Learned The Long Way Round

1- When you learn a lesson don’t repeat it. It makes people think you are incredibly stupid. 2- Don’t worry so much about people think. 3- You hate wearing High Heels. ย You’ve known this for years. So don’t get convinced. You’ll end up walking home alone (very slowly). 4- A pie for breakfast is not…