I hope you know.

Do you know how stunning it is. This life. I hope you know how stunning it is.

There are the most exquisite of beings walking amongst us. Smiles and kindness and hilarious little creatures. Who bring a warmth. And hold your hand. They do not mock or knock you down. There are the most wonderful of humans here. Trust me. And when you find them. Don’t be shy. Hold their hand right back.

The colours are ridiculous. When the sun is right and the sea is calm, there is a blue which blows your mind. There is an orange too. It clings to the sides of our tall trees like a thin strip of sunset.

There is beauty everywhere. I won’t get to see it all. I know. There will be much more concrete soon. I will be amongst the grey and cold again. I know. But I’m not afraid anymore. Because there is beauty everywhere. This, I absolutely know.

From here on out I choose to live within it. With the greatest of people. With the greatest of dreams. With the biggest and happiest and healthiest of hearts. So if you are coming too, onto this town of Bigger and Better, see you on the road kid. I’ll be the one in the hand painted van. Leaving little drops of James Morrison lyrics on the highway.









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