Lessons Learned the Wrong Way Round

This ones a little different.

Like everyone on this green little globe.

So this month, rather than my usual list, the lesson to be learned, is simple.

Sing in the shower. If it makes you happy.

Wear gold sneakers everyday. If it makes you happy.

Play in the sand. That makes everyone happy.

So basically. Don’t worry about everything so much kids. Take it from the girl who once cried (like the heavy breathing kind, waaaaaah wahhhh wahhhhhh, deep breath, deep breath, repeat…) over a comment made about the length of her denim shorts. Shorts! “Wahhhhhhh They don’t like my pants! The world is coming to end.” Teary Teary me. What a drainer.

Redonculous. So moving right along from that, my point is, Rock it kitty kats. Do your thing. Do it to the max. Do it like they do it on the discovery channel. (Except for the eating live animals part.)

This isn’t so much a lesson I have had to learn recently. Luckily I already do sing in the shower, own gold sneakers and play in the sand. And I “pity da fools” who don’t obviously. However, I see it in my life, I see it on the news, I see it around. So yeah.

Just do your thing. Stop stressin’. (Start undressin’)


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