Happy New Year

Happy New Years Day little ones!

It’s a bit overcast but that’s cool.

I’m not really one for the mass celebrations on New Years Eve. I don’t know when it began but I’m hard pushed to remember a NYE night that I can’t remember. If you follow my drift. It might be because back in the day, I always chose to work that shift. Forever chasing the easy coin. Or maybe I’m just always too disorganized to make a decision. Noosa or Byron or Brisbane or Home. Bondi or the City or Paddington or Home. Beachouse or Mango or Ed’s or Home.

New Years Eve is a floater or go-with-the-flow’er’s nightmare. So many places so many people such specific time.

As such. As it turns out. I am usually not hung-over on New Year’s Day. This is becoming my own little loser tradition. It’s quite lovely actually. I usually wake up with a very unbecoming sense of self-awesomeness. I have myself convinced that because of this great start, I can go a whole year without alcohol, will in fact be a female sup surfing champion by August, will get offered a job on the Ellen Degeneres show and will probably have to turn down numerous marriage proposals from boys like Robert Pattinson and John Mayor. Ill explain that I’m just too busy, between work (Ellen really needs me) and all my ocean training, to be the muse for their emotional husky ballads. Plus. I’ve got my own record debuting in June and it could be a conflict of interest.

This is what a New Year morning, free of alcohol flavoured saliva, can do to a girl. It’s quite dangerous.

It doesn’t matter too much though I’ve decided. What 2013 has in store. We are pretty strong we can take it. I know for a fact that with my friends and my family and all the hilarious antics that seem to surround us, this year will be great. Just like (most) of the others. So raise your glasses (yup, I’m drinking again already) to 2013, the year of making jewellery, laughing til you snort, roadtripping with guitars, not being afraid of sharks, bringing back the scrunchie, and singing to your hearts little desire!!!! To being happy and healthy and tanned!!! Hip hop Horay! So Happy New Year to you all. (From all of us here at the Ellen Show…. )



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