Lucky little Lux

Around about 9 months ago. Around about my birthday, my pixie friend and I were buying smarties and diet coke from a bus stop vendor. It was hot and we were tired and it was late and we were trying desperately to get to the other side of the island.

My little cousin, who is both older and wiser, but tiny nonetheless, was going to be in the country for one night. I couldn’t wait to see her. She has forever been my ‘go-to’. She is the phone-call in traffic when I am fighting with my mum. She is the drunken destination on a Friday night flight. She is the hand-written letter when I’ve fallen for the school AFL captain. She is unconditional love wrapped up in a perfect little package.

She had written me letters too. I have saved in a box somewhere about 5 consecutive scribbled notes all about this infamous “coffee boy”. I’m going to publish them one day. This amazing beeeeauuutiful coffee boy who could make a latte like no other. This amazing coffee boy who gave her soy for free. She loved this coffee boy. She got a coffee addiction for this coffee boy. She pretty well stalked this coffee boy. She still loves this coffee boy. Except now, this coffee boy loves her right back.

So anyway, this excellent human, my special one, had already arrived at the airport hotel, checked in and was sitting in the restaurant by the time we got there. Rachel and I bounded over, covered in crochet and beads and bare feet, with big grins and sun tans. We had been living like children. In and out of the ocean, sleeping in a old abandoned resorts, building tree houses and sewing bikinis.

My little cousin was now clearly an adult. The best kind. The kind that not only has an adult job and adult clothes and an adult boyfriend, but still wants to go on the water slide after dinner. Hilary (that’s my little cousin, the little pixie is Rachel FYI) told us all about work and how she had been a bit sick and had gone to the doctors. She had told the doctor that I would text him in the morning to get the results, because she would already be in Kiribati by that time and there would be no reception. Hilary works for a South Pacific funding company. See. An adult job. With flights and stop overs. The best kind of job. You get to wear a collar but still wave the Fiji flag.

Anyway. The doctor. I got the number and said I’d wait till morning. Off to the water slide we went. I don’t want to go on too much about the water slide because I just love them and get carried away. We used to only have one in Fiji. The famous Tokatoka. Then the Hideaway. And now the Gateway. It’s a popular argument amongst us grown-kids which is the best. Ill keep my opinion to myself.

We went back to the hotel room and popped a bottle of white wine. (I’m acutely aware you can’t ‘pop’ wine, more like twist the top off, but that sounds boring.) We were dancing around the room to MTV using the curtains for stripper like activities and the couch was obviously the stage. After a few gulps of wine I decided to text the doctor. Hilary would be mad because it was late in Australia and probably “inappropriate” but I never much enjoyed those guidelines. Besides Hilary’s ‘mad’ is the most pathetic attempt at anger you ever did see. I can always make her giggle. So I texted the doctor, told the girls, got the “Maaaaatiiiiiiii!!!!”s that I expected and we carried on dancing.

A few minutes later. A beep.

We were listening to Rihanna I believe….



She ran over.

Put the wine down.


You’re pregnant.

Only the single most exciting thing that has happened ever!

Hilary went to go tell her coffee-boy partner (that’s what adult boyfriends are called apparently… Partner. Like cowboys)

She came back, full of joy and a tiny weeny baby seed, and we kept dancing. Still a bit like strippers actually. Strippers with a cool secret.

When I woke up in the morning Hilly had gone. There was a strange Indian man standing in our room but that’s a story for another day.

Then, nine months later, or two days ago, on Tuesday, at 7.30 in the morning, little Lux was born. She’s perfect. Just like her mother. And coffee-boy. (Who’s name happens to be Marcus)

She doesn’t even know how lucky she is yet. Right now she is just mesmerized with Hilary’s boobs (not the first time this has happened) and being held and going to the toilet.

But hopefully she’ll know soon enough. I’ll remind her. She has been brought into a world of so so so much love. She will grow up swimming the South Pacific, having crazy aunties far and wide, a mother whose creativity is endless and parents who absolutely adore each other. Lucky little Lux. So excited to watch you grow up. You are a stunner and a half.



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