News Years Resolutions

Exactly one year ago I packed up my stuff, bought a ticket with some shrapnel and left this loud beach-side city for my quiet beach-side home.

I learnt how to sew, to surf, to sit still, to think, to be silent and to be forgiving and forgiven.

2012 was a miracle year. It was full of love. It was peaceful and slow. There were more afternoon naps than I care to count. There were 10 times more Saturday nights in than out. And “out” only comprised of a guitar, a few beers, my dad, my friend and the bar beside our house.

I found and re-found my nearest and dearest. Those who surrounded me also surrounded my thoughts. I no longer wanted to prove myself to strangers or people who I occasionally skulled vodka with. I also somehow lost my lust for the mean boys. Didn’t even mean to. That sort of just happened on its own. I somehow saw the ugly in it. That was a miracle in itself.

So here we are in 2013. I am back in the city where it all went haywire. Feeling like I’m defending the ancient actions of a distant acquaintance. It’s not the city’s fault. I love this city. Good things happen in this city. There are tree lined streets and opportunities and puppies and bookstores and art and aunties and music and futures. So I’m back. But I just don’t want to go back. So 2013….. This is for you.

1- Count your close friends on one hand. Love them like mad.

2- Go back to Fiji. For a holiday. It doesn’t have to be an escape destination or a refuge. It’s home. Visit.

3- Don’t hate the haters. Everyone is just trying to find their own joy. But don’t waste time trying to give them any either.

4- Play music!!!! Busk if you have to. Get it moving.

5- Remember. Who, what and why you are here.

6- Volunteer with Suicide Prevention.

7- Eat more fruit

8- Save money like a crazy person, don’t quit, build a home, you’re pretty good at reading, but step it up anyway, swim all different beaches, paint a picture, visit the baby, call Cormac, go to the movies, cook a meal, write a children’s book. Whatever. Just remember you already know where your joy comes from. It may not be as cool as being a big-time party animal or a super social fashionista, but those colours never really looked good on you anyway. Oh well. It was worth a try.

Adios ——- !!!!

Good-bye and Good Luck!!!!


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