Just Don’t

by Matisse Walkden-Brown Filmed by Matisse and Rachel in Fiji.  

The story of the felafel earring

Firstly. That is certainly not the way I thought you spelt felafel. I would have guessed faluffel. But that’s not the point. Fell. Laugh. Fell. (Whateverly Beverly) So I was on my way back from my stint in the country- my December of sunrises on horseback and baby steer testicles (more on that another time)…….

Lessons Learned the Long Way Round

It’s almost the end of the month. Eras have come to a close. Summer for example… Up and left. My contract is just about done. My bunk bed is on its way out. People have come and gone. I’ve been home and back again. And every day is dishing up some scolding new secrets to…

Many a Morning

I found this on my computer. I wrote it a couple of years back. Little tribute to the morning after morning I would wake my parents up with “do you want to know what I dreamt last night” Before I decided I was psychic. ******* Mum. Yes Mati. Do you want to know what I…

Dear Dreams

Dear Dreams, I know I’ve been cutting down your time to shine. I have been squeezing you in like my boobs in that blue C cup. (Apologies to both of you. Well. All three of you.) Anyway. McDreamtime. It’s time to make a come back. I promise to stop watching so much Catfish. (It’s so…