Many a Morning

I found this on my computer. I wrote it a couple of years back. Little tribute to the morning after morning I would wake my parents up with “do you want to know what I dreamt last night”

Before I decided I was psychic.



Yes Mati.

Do you want to know what I dreamed last night?

Tell me sweetheart.

I was a big girl. I was all grown up with long hair and pretty dresses and shoes that made me real tall. I didn’t have to go school anymore. I had a car and a job and answered my phone like daddy does; I said my full name. And people called me Matisse mum. And they weren’t even angry.

And then what happened?

I was in a room full of people. In the middle of the room was a swing. A big swing. Not like our bamboo one, this one was super strong and had thick metal chains that made scary sounds. So I took off my pretty shoes and got on. My feet didn’t touch the ground. I was going higher and higher and higher. Mum, I was going so high I could see everything.

What could you see?

I could see houses and a town and a dog and cars and buses and trains. It was really busy mum, where I was. And I couldn’t slow down. I just kept swinging faster and faster! I was going so fast, my grown-up face was going really funny in the wind. So guess what I did?

What did you do?

I got real brave and jumped straight off! First I was flying and then, splash! I landed in the deep part of the ocean. Past the reef. Anyway Dad was waiting for me on the boat out there. When I swam to the edge, he lifted me up by one hand. He said, ‘my word you are getting big!’. But when I looked down, I realized I was me again! I was nine. And then I woke up.

That’s wonderful possum, sounds like an adventure. Now go help your brothers get breakfast.


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