Lessons Learned The Long Way Round 9

Every month or so I like to document the lessons that have bulldozed their way into my little life. Most of them I have to learn over and over again. They keep popping up just when I think I have it figured. (Bastards.)

I’ve FINALLY got the right risotto proportions down pat. Drinking water before I go to bed drunk. Can do that one with my eyes closed! (Quite literally.)

Remembering to stand my ground. Forgetting those who piss on it. Those ones have done the rounds a few times…

Everyone is on their own journey. Their own path. A long time ago I decided I definitely want to be on a path that both leads to and passes through totally flipping fantastic! So I guess I need to the legwork. Write down the detours. “Note to self: Working as a nightclub Hostess really means you are a Waitress who stands still and smiles. Not. A. Real. Job.”

Speaking of journeys my dad and I took a little road-trip recently. To see my grandfather. About 2 years ago the idea of missing multiple nights with my friends, sitting in a car with one of my parents and going to an old people’s home would have sent me running to the closest bar before you could say ‘Immature”. But luckily age has not only enhanced my bust size but also my desire to engage in such activities. The trip was short but sweet. I laughed more than a stoner at a cartoon convention. I think I learnt a few things too. I’m not sure if they are signed sealed and delivered… but I’m certainly on my way to believing them. Even if I don’t quite understand them just yet…

1- Friends are family and family are friends.

I’m just as likely to have a beer with Dad and laugh about shenanigans with my most recent ex … as I am to ask one of my best friends to lend me a few bucks to buy a rug. The lines are blurred. And that’s awesome. Home is everywhere.

2- Fairytale endings aren’t just for the young.

When Dad and I went on our adventure we stayed with my uncle and his new girlfriend. My uncle and his wife broke up quite recently and somehow the stars aligned and he re-found his first love. They are mad for each other and as much as I teased them for all the Public Displays of Affection.. it was comforting to know that with a bit of faith (and Facebook)… Things can generally turn out okay.

3-My uncle also taught me something else. One thing doesn’t have to take away from another.

Despite this mid-life notebook plot-line change, my uncle speaks about his ex-wife with love and kindness. My auntie will always be my auntie. She will always be the mother of his beautiful kids. Just because you don’t die holding hands doesn’t mean they never fitted together perfectly.

4- Old age isn’t that scary.

We went to visit my grandfather and I was a bit nervous. I don’t like people dying. Who does really? (Lock those weirdos up.) But when we got there, Grandpa was eating a donut and laughing about the fact he is losing his mind just a bit. He thought it was as hilarious as we did. The Walkden-Brown spirit lives on!! He forgot what he was talking about one time and I asked him “Grandpa do you mean *this or *this??” He said “little bit of both.” Then he winked at us and said “that’s what I say when I have no idea. It’s tricky.”

5- KFC is never the right choice.

This one needs no explanation.

Love you all. See you on the road.




  1. Davyn

    I cracked up when I read this: “Note to self: Working as a nightclub Hostess really means you are a Waitress who stands still and smiles. Not. A. Real. Job.”
    Great read. Thanks Matisse.

  2. vynn barker

    Dear niece -Beaut read and quite touching -nice to see someones personal thoughts ,adventures and lifes lessons put out there rather than all the other re-hashed and flowery stuff that is posted–never stop exploring this wonderful world of ours -you don’t necessarily have to travel far ,just as long as you keep exploring .

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