A Little Green Piece by Matisse. “Even Our Words”

Stay the course Pacific. We are the brave ones. We are the Climate leaders.

This year… is OUR year. Fiji is President of so many important international decision-making bodies.

  • The Conference of Parties… the major international Climate Change Negations.
  • The first ever global Oceans Conference… for SDG14
  • And, The United Nations General Assembly!

So let’s be proud! And also … SPEAK FOR OURSELVES.

This is our chance AND RESPONSIBILITY to stand up as a powerful global collective and challenge the governance surrounding climate change. Whether we be from Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, of Indigenous, Indian or Colonial decent, whether we hail from an atoll, a volcano, a sovereign state or a territory, this year is an IMPERATIVE opportunity for us a the frontline community. 

We, The Pacific have some of the most courageous leaders in the world. Who know how to rise up, unite, and remain uncompromised. They have done it before.

So let’s encourage them to keep pushing the status quo. 

Let’s remind them to stick with us. That we love our lives. And we want to defend, ALL, that is ours.

Even. Our. Words. 



Greenpeace Inspiring Action: http://youtu.be/zVu9eawb1QY

The Rules: https://youtu.be/uWSxzjyMNpU

Fiji Government Portal: http://www.fiji.gov.fj/Media-Center/Speeches/HON-PM-AT-THE-OPENING-OF-THE-HIGH-LEVEL-SEGMENT-PA.aspx

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