Justin Bieber said it…. Love Yourself. 

Me: Everything … is exhausting.  

Me: Everything … is too much.  

(Mind: “So maybe stop trying to be everything….🤷🏼‍♀️🤔?”) 

This is a lesson I am learning the long way around. 

I used to be afraid I would miss out on loving all the pieces of the world. Places & People.

I am now afraid I will miss out on loving all the pieces of my short time upon this world. Peace & Purpose.  

Slowly, I am learning: 

I can’t experience or love it all … If I tried, it wouldn’t be true.

I can’t really want all the things I think want  …. If I did, I would have too much. And make myself sick with stress. 

I can’t be someone to everyone …. and I can’t be everyone’s someone. If I was, I would be a stranger to myself and of no use whatsoever. 


So how do we find the sweet spot? Between the emptinesses of Everything & Nothing? How do we harness Something? Sweet sweet Something! To Be & See & Learn & Give & Achieve & Love & Create Something! That’s the dream.

I believe:

First we must know and trust that we all deserve to make something of our lives. In our own way.

Then we must TAKE the time, internally and externally to allow it to happen. ‘Taking your time’ is not waiting. It does not mean “it will happen later”. ‘Taking your time’ means grabbing it; what’s yours. Comendeering the minutes of your life to chase your purpose. At your pace.

And THIS is easier said than done.

I believe:

That our energy is our soul. Our greater. It is the frequency beneath our skin. It was curated from magic, to carry our bodies through a meaningful life.

When our energy is tuned in, listened to, given our respect, it will guide us to the best and most balanced version of our living. This is individual. There is no template. 

The trouble is…  for some, this energy seems visibly up for grabs. It radiates outwards. [And has a little trouble glowing quietly from the inside.]

For some, it is easier to allow our energy be borrowed, or bought. Used as entertainment. To be bullied down or buried away. Of course, most of the time it is simply palmed off to whoever is nearest by.

These are the Bonfire People.

For the bonfires, it is easier to take the essence of our insides, and use it to warm, the many holes in other people’s purpose. [or hearts. minds. journey. days. holidays. ideas. years. plans. knowledge. contact list. work. responsibilities…etc etc] 

Which in turn, only leaves us empty. Burnt out. And searching. With holes of our own. 

For the bonfires, the much harder job… is learning to love and to hold…  Onto the power of ourselves. 



Phones off. You are not a public space. People do not need constant access. 

Value your work. Know your worth. Don’t be afraid to charge it. 

Say no. It’s okay. It’s not selfish. It’s survival. 

Say yes. When you can and want to and do so with all your love and light. 

Say please. Accept help. Ask questions. Learn. Achknowlege other knowledge. 

Say thank-you. To all the wonderful people who contribute to your journey and replenish you everyday. [ Because everything’s is a two-way street innit. ;)]

Spend time alone. Who knows. You might make a new friend. 

Breathe. A lot. 

xx Matisse




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