The Peace Promise

The Peace Promise began as a simple and solemn promise between friends.

 It was the promise to help save at least one child’s life. 

I'm going to tell God everything

There was a story around Christmas time in 2013 about a little 3yr old Syrian boy whose last words before he died  were:

“I’m going to tell God everything.”

He was disappointed in the world.

And I can’t blame him.

This photo still brings me to tears. That has not changed. What has changed though is what we have done with that sadness and anger.


The Peace Promise is now committed to children in Fiji and finding them a way out of poverty. We work specifically with a group of Street kids in Suva and help develop alternatives to their current living, working and survival tactics. We are proud that our first child case has been a success. Krish is now working legitimately after turning 16. He is still gaining invaluable experiences from those kind enough to give him a chance. Through donations and awareness we managed to feed, clothe and house him and his little sisters.

There is always something you can do. That is the Peace Promise.

Bring Peace wherever you can.

Peace by Piece.

“If that picture of the little Syrian boy hadn’t crash-tackled its way through my skin… I wouldn’t have noticed Krish. To be honest.

But just because we let one down… doesn’t mean we can’t pick the next one up.”

To pledge go to:

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