Moved To A New Town. And A Suburb Named Newtown.

I brought pictures. And my guitar. Clothes and anklets. A cork board. Five big black letters. D. R. E. A. and M. My friend gave them to me. When she first handed them to me and I pulled them all out of the pretty paper bag I thought ‘why has she bought me the word Ramed? Is it because I’m an Aries?’… But that was soon cleared up. And now, they are the last shapes I see before I fall asleep.
I brought books. French books. Dictionaries. History books. The Audrey Hepburn coffee table book. I brought quite alot of stuff actually. The little space looks like me. Like all the other little spaces I have splattered with aqua and accidentally chipped off paint. My universal room. Somewhere along the way I learnt that everywhere I go, I wake up at home.

What I didn’t bring are the 6am birds. The drunk screaming lady outside the grocery store. The vines in the courtyard. They were already here. But I like them all the same.

In fact, I like everything about this new town. Having places to go, a reason to be here and that big D. R. E. A. and M within reach.

Goodnight xx

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