Dear Bubba 1

Last night I saw you, on a green oval, running a race. Like that one you ran around the grounds of your school. With the boy in the silly shoes. You were laughing which was good. Every time I tried to stop you, you’d say ‘gotta keep going, see you in a bit.’ And off you’d go. With all the other strangers.

Hey, I’ve been thinking. Remember when we would step in the shallow water at Colova? The sand would explode at every step we made? Our little feet would disappear. Everything was hidden in a cream cloud. Well. I have decided that is sort of what you did.

By accident when you fell through our finger tips, through the earth, into the sky and out the other side, you hit the sand. Hard. I mean, you really shook the sea kid. Clouded the entire bay. The sand screamed and launched itself into the ocean. You can understand why, can’t you bub? A bomb had gone off. So blue became beige. Even now, though the dust is settling from the air, and the ashes have been neatly put away, you and I both know the ocean takes a little longer to readjust. Just like when I lost my ring at low tide. And we had to stand perfectly still just so we would be able to see through the water.

Well it’s like that again these days. Except there’s no ring to find. Nowadays I’m simply hoping to see my feet again. A painted toenail maybe. Come to think of it, I reckon that’s true of everybody. We are all just staring at our reflections in the waves, trying to find our own runaway feet.

So if you happen to spot mine from up there, be a darling and point them out would ya. You were always annoyingly good at telling me what I should do. Speaking of which. I’m running relatively headfirst towards a few crossroads at the moment. The usual. Boys, career, lifestyle choices. For the moment I’m opting for the ‘head down, ipod in, keep sprinting straight ahead’ option. But if you see a street I am suppose to turn down, give me a little shout out. I’m not afraid. Pinkie promise, cross my heart, hope to …well you know. Okay bub I best be off. Got to keep going. See you in a bit.


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