How good is photoshop

God I used to hate being half way through hair and make up and having a stranger poking my eyes with eyeliner. Someone behind me chewing gum and pulling my hair. Teasing it. Fluffing it. Everyone would be talking about creative genius. I was usually busting to go to the toilet.

But then. I dont know. After I got over my sore scalp. And skin. And started getting into the trippy music. Made the photographer laugh at least once. Went to the bathroom. Maybe even sometimes got a free coffee. I remembered. This isnt all that bad. Even if I do have a skirt around my neck and look ridiculously pensive.

1 Comment

  1. Baby Matisse just saw this pic and commented “Wow, her eyebrows look beautiful. Can you paint my room that colour?”. That is all. xxx

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