Lessons Learned The Long Way Round 1

1- When you learn a lesson don’t repeat it. It makes people think you are incredibly stupid.

2- Don’t worry so much about people think.

3- You hate wearing High Heels.  You’ve known this for years. So don’t get convinced. You’ll end up walking home alone (very slowly).

4- A pie for breakfast is not on. Even on a Sunday.

5- Treasure your friends. Don’t date their exes. That’s straight-up bitchcentral.

6- Don’t sign up for a ‘box-of-12-wine-bottles-delivered-right-to-your-door(!!)’ trial. You’ll wind up, drunk, broke, and on the phone to the Hunter Valley way too much.

7- Go to the beach a few times a week. The city won’t seem so cavernous. It will also keep your fingers away from typing in ‘www.airpacific.com’.

8- Coles is cheaper than the 7/11! Do not shop in the 7/11. Do NOT shop in the 7/11!! Tattoo this on your arm.

9- Don’t get any more tattoos or piercings.

10- Every morning, miss your brother. Do not ignore it. Loneliness is a part of this parcel unfortunately kid. No amount of Friday Nights out, BBC Boys or karaoke is going to make this world any more recognisable.

(11- Karaoke is fun though.)

(12- So are BBC boys.)


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