Lessons Learned The Long Way Round 3

1. Never put your paddle board between you and the wave. It will not shield  you. It will wack you in the head.

2. Live your life. Not someone elses. Not one from a movie. Not one from a book. Not the one that looks the best on facebook.

3. Sugar in your coffee isn’t a sin.

4. Nail polish turns your nails yellow. Throw it out. Let them grow.

5. Family comes in all sorts of shapes. Colours. And sleeping arrangements.

6. When your Dad tells you to put sunscreen on, listen.

7. If you already know who you want for your forever, don’t waste anyone else’s time. Or yours. Go play volleyball.

8. When playing volleyball be sure to watch where you are running. Focussing too hard on the blue ball in the blue sky will leave you straddling a palm tree.

9. No amount of coconut oil will untangle dreddies. You have a hairbrush. Use it. Hide the scissors.

10. And finally. Life is good. Doesn’t take a boy, money, a new dress, anything like that. A good nights sleep and good company. Thats it kids!

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