Lessons Learned The Long Way Round 4

1- If you are patient… Life can exceed your expectations.

2- Do not overdo the pineapple. Trust me on the this.

3- Treat your friends with tenderness.  It is the little blonde things you sun bake next to, who truly settle your soul.

4- Nothing beats an old school beat.

5- Except maybe… an old school beat… playing in an old school bar… one of the many, owned by friends fathers… filled with familiar salty bodies … after a warm day in the water …  sharing beers … and stories from the coconut wireless. Throw in some fresh tuna and we have heaven ladies and gentlemen!

6- Don’t let the pessimists induce you. They have their lives. You have yours. Be thankful.

7- Be thankful. Be thankful. Be thankful. Be thankful. Be thankful. Be thankful. You are one lucky little duckling.

8- Now this one is tough. And its taken me awhile. But I think I have it now. Finally. Lesson number 8. Its not enough for them to want and/or love and/or respect you. It’s not enough for them to want it enough for the both of you. You have your own mind. Use it. You have your own right. Don’t forget it. It is not your duty to give your life to anybody. It cant be earned. It can only be given. Free and willing.

9- Driving a manual is all about listening to the car. Not Taylor Swift. This is when you stall. At an intersection.

10- YAY! There is so much to look forward to.


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