Some Say There Is A Castle In The Sky

Some say there is a castle in the sky.

Some say there is an inevitable script.

Some say there is a big load of absolutely Nothing.

An eternal field of bright darkness.

People say a lot of things.

Not many of them make any sense whatsoever.

But whatever there is. The greater universe can have a funny sense of humour. She can be a rock solid bitch actually. She can take the most beautiful. She can birth the most retched. She can save the unworthy. She can condemn the courageous. She can be confusing. Sometimes I hate her.

Other times I forget about her. Sometimes it is the discounts at my local chemist that take my attention. Sometimes it is the fabricated stories in a pink magazine. A tiny argument. A misread text. A missed meal. A frustrating chord. A broken shoe. Sometimes it’s the ever destroying worry that I don’t know what career I want, suit, deserve, or will survive.

Sometimes I remember her. And that despite my height, I am minuscule.

Then I see a child with chocolate on his face. A GPS boy win silver. A dog swim in the waves.

And remember.

To breathe.

To smile.

To live in the wonder.


Settle kid. Settle.


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