Live From The Arias!

Guys- currently in the media room at the Arrrrrias drinking sugar free red bull.

What an incredible day.

It was sweltering hot and the girls were smoking hot. We got to the “black carpet” after lunch and swapped camera faulting war stories. Ah the media. The sun belted down on everybody. I hope Taytay, aka Taylor Swift, had sunscreen on. She is quite fair after all. A fair little fairy.

Her arrival was INSANE. The screams of hundreds of teenage girls is something no one should endure. She ran into the crowd and took selfies with the swifty little fans. I didn’t get the opportunity to ask her to be my best friend. Next time.

Ah the Jezabels and Temper Trap just walked into the room. They all have such great hair. All 9 of them. Curls and red and side-shaves and blonde bobs and mustaches. Many mustaches. It must be November.

Do you know who looked great today? Like ta-hotally out of this world. Me.

Jokes. Havana Brown. It makes me so mad. I like to be the best Brown in the house. Today little miss H B made me want to turn.

Everyone looked fabulous though. By the time they reached the end of the carpet they were all tanned. (I’m telling you… The sun… Insane… It was the Arias Sauna edition)

Also, Yothu Yindi just got inducted into the hall of fame. They came into our room with Peter Garrett and Paul Kelly and spoke about friendship and humanity. For the first time today I actually felt like I was the presence of greatness.

They have a vibe. All of them. It’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s the stories of the old days.

Paul was pretty quiet. He laughed when Peter made a few political jokes. He shook his head and giggled. I believe they are all friends. I am imagining them all sitting around a garden with guitars, tea and brandy, solving the worlds problems.

Hashtag legends.

Anyway, we are still here, Guy Sebastian just played. Battlescars. Everyone in the media room is too busy on their laptops to sing along with me.

I’ll keep kicking though.




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