Lessons Learned The Long Way Round 7

November has gone. And now December has come a hollering in all it’s fairy lit and festive glitz and glam!!

So more things to note. More conversations had. More mistakes made. Here we go…

1- Don’t dance on the street while holding up a big sign saying “Honk if you’re partner needs to lose weight.” Especially don’t do this with your phone perched loosely in your pocket. You will get too excited about all the honking and your beautiful apple iPhone 4 will drop and smash on the adjacent pavement.

2- Nothing is what it seems. What looks like a disaster could turn out to be ah-mazing. You might end up with an iPhone 5. (For example)

3- Throw out your bed frame. Or at least move it into the spare room. This is particularly applicable to those of us who are 6ft plus. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor is much more convenient.

4- When in doubt. Yolo. Do it.
(Similar to the popular Nike motto. But revamped with modern vernacular)

5- You’ll feel a lot better about a decision if you actually make it.

Okay kids that’s all from me. For now. I’m off to the countryside. Literally. I’m off to muster cattle until Christmas. Some may think it’s a bit of a weird thing to do. But I’ll have those of you know, I have read (and loved) every issue of the Saddle Club, can eat a decent sized steak and don’t mind a good old fashion day amongst the trees. So in fact. It makes perfect sense to spend the remainder of the year with the cows. Also. For all you skeptics… You obviously didn’t read lesson 4.
Yolooooooo. Til next time.


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