To Run Or Not To Run?

When arriving at a train station where everyone is running flat out, full ball, right past you, what do you do? Do you run too? It’s really very awkward.

Are they running from a serial killer? A stray coyote? (That somehow made its way to Australia..) Are there free lollipops being given away on platform 3 but there’s only 30 left???

So much mystery!

Do you run too? That’s the real question.

Are you going to be the idiot left on the platform for an extra hour because you dawdled and missed the train? Or are you going to be the moron who followed the herd for no good reason at all and wound up being really early and out of breath.

Group mentality. It’s tricky ya’ll.

This happened to me tonight and I was genuinely uncomfortable. I opted for “fast walking”. I quickened my step to the beat of Oshen in my earsplugs. Everyone was still whizzing past me. I think they all knew I was trying to act super cool. Strategically looking down, not breaking into a jog, but striding like one of those weird walkers at the Olympics who are really skinny with the funny glasses.

Point is. I didn’t run. I didn’t give in. And I made it. Just in time. Some people got caught in the kerfuffle (yes I was surprised its spelt that way as well) and never even made it down the escalator!

So not only did I not join the stampede, I also somehow survived it. I sort of feel like a total winner.

I also kinda maybe feel like… if more people took a vow of steady pace, of making up their mind, of walking to their own beat…. we could have saved Mufasa.

Just saying.

Never forget King. Walk don’t sprint Kids.



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