Reasons I Believe I Am An Adult

As per my last post… you can all see it’s been very hard for me to kick my inner kid. (Not literally. That would just be mean. And it’s on a police report somewhere that I kick like a horse.)

Anyway…. It’s an on-going tug of war. Matisse vs Matizzle.

  • I like playing capture the flag or crash bandicoot as much as the next grom.
  • I own a tiara.
  • I follow Miley, Taylor and the Olsen Twins on Instagram.
  • That’s enough dot points I think. I have made my case I think.

However, I’ll have you know, my preoccupation with all things teenage Disney pop princess aside…. I am in fact a fully grown adult. And here’s the proof:

1- I have foxtel. I know lots of kids WATCH foxtel. But I get an envelope with my name on it. And it says Ms Walkden-Brown. Boom.

2- The other day I put leather protector on my boots. (I then proceeded to get drunk and jump around in a puddle so it’s really a little from column A a little from column B. But the intention was there)

3- I expressed deep concern at the Ed Sheeran concert that his opening act, Passenger, swore too much for such a young audience. (Admittedly I was in the audience.) Nevertheless I thought, I must remember this before I let my (imaginary) kids go to concerts.

4- In a similar vein, I maintain a strong hatred for Ke$ha for swearing so much in her concert and just being a general idiot. I also hate that I had to click the little ‘123’ at the bottom of my screen and swap over to symbols just to write her name. Dumb.

5- I have a newspaper subscription on my iPad. (I think…)

6- I own fabric softener

7- I drink tea when I get home from a night out. (If I happen to end up at home)

8- I ‘series link’ Parenthood. (We are back talking about foxtel)

9- The only poster on my wall is a World Map.

10- It’s 8.52am and I need to be somewhere in 8 minutes. Work. (I don’t think I’ll make it, but that’s okay.)

There you have it! I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt— that I am indeed…. Grown up!

There is one minor detail I strategically skipped though.

This may cancel out all evidence pointing in the adult-like direction. But here it is. Honesty is best after all….
To maximize ‘craft space’ in my room… I happen to…

Sleep in a bunk bed.

Okay good-bye and have a good day!


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