Dear Dreams

Dear Dreams,

I know I’ve been cutting down your time to shine. I have been squeezing you in like my boobs in that blue C cup. (Apologies to both of you. Well. All three of you.)

Anyway. McDreamtime. It’s time to make a come back. I promise to stop watching so much Catfish. (It’s so good though! It’s mystery and love all in one! And Facebook! Brilliant.)

But you are better. You are. You have never steered me wrong. You write me silly songs. You sew me bikinis. You build me wax sculptures. You make decisions about men (well boys.. Who are we kidding). You made that weird green cake that one time. I woke up thinking “yup. Dreamed it. Gonna make it.” That was probably your low point to be honest. You were really scraping the bottom of the barrel there. But that’s okay. I ate it.

So guess what. You’re back baby! I’m excited. We both just have to promise to do our parts. I’ll sleep more. You keep being super creative, cool and pointing me in the right direction. I’ll wake up, fresh and giggling, and will follow your awesome directions!


The dream team is back.

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