Love A Good Theory…

I love a good theory. That is why I called this post ‘Love a good theory’. (#perfecttitle)

Over the weekend some friends and I came up with a coupla’ crackers…


There’s the Sydney Messina Complex Theory…

This basically consists of the eastern suburb obsession with “flavour of the month”. Of course we related this to relationships. (Because. Girls.)

There’s the Monkey-Bar Lover Theory…

This is one is pretty simple also. It’s the disease some people have when they are too afraid to let go of someone until they have a firm grip on another. (Respect)

There’s the Underwater World Take-Over Theory…

This is one doesn’t get much traction with my peeps. They sort of smile in that way that means ‘Oh you little idiot.’ But anyway. I have a theory that the Underwater World is full of mysterious creatures (ah hem… cough… mermaids if you will) who are causing global warming so they can slowly and meticulously take over the whole Earth. We seriously don’t even know what goes on under there. It could be anything. Whatever. Don’t come crying to me when Ariel is swimming through your living room and using your hairbrush.

There’s the Break-Up Highway Theory…

This theory basically outlines the usual exits on the road of love and lust. The times people usually call it quits. There’s:

  • Exit 1- One-Two months.
  • Exit 2- Nine months.
  • Exit 3- Two years.
  • Exit 4- Seven Years.
  • Exit 5- Midlife crisis.

This isn’t strict. It’s more like a guideline. Guys usually take Exit 1 or 5. Exit 2 through 4 are usually left for the Girl to grab the wheel and spin the car.

You probably have a lot to think about now. So I’ll leave you to it. If you have any theories we could maybe add to the bag of goodies….

Happy Monday Homies







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