Set Your Fairy Lights To Random

The hardest place to be is exactly where you are.

One of my most cherished wrote this on her Facebook Wall recently.

If anyone has ever known that little pixie or me… they would know that “hardship” doesn’t entail cruelty or punishment or even real boredom. It usually includes beaches and epic work schedules.

I think what she meant though is … it also includes reality.

An idea that can be very difficult for the fairy-hearted. Day-to-day living tends to very much get in the way with the constant whimsical search for Narnia. (Or even a paradise town where everyone wears rubies and crochet and feather headdresses and lives in trees and names their children ‘windchime’ and ‘unicorn’ … that would probably do.)

For kids who were obsessed with never-ending bewilderment, it’s hard to grow up and not to be a little disappointed with reality.

What do you mean there are no flying horses?

The hardest place to be is exactly where you are.

Luckily. I have a little solution to this slightly larger problem! And what do you know .. it is not substance abuse! Or buying a caravan. Or moving (again) to somewhere you saw on Instagram. Or stealing wood from around the neighborhood bins, to begin your quest to build the real Faraway Tree. (Great idea though.)

I can happily say that the happiest and easiest place to be … is exactly where I am. Yes. It is a paradise town. And yes people do often wear rubies and crochet and there is talk of some tree house building activities on newly acquired land… But never-the-less!

The real key that I have found to letting Ariel and Tinkerbell go about their business without me, is the following 2 tidbits:

1- Take note of the little things that could posssssssibly be magic. Write them down. And keep them as your secret.

I’ll tell you one of mine… Because I’m nice. And terrible at keeping secrets.

Raindrops on the ocean (especially in a storm)…. are really diamonds forming. They sink to the bottom of the sea and are the true treasures of the ocean.

See? Magic!

2- Set your fairy-lights to random.

No one has ever felt ordinary sleeping under rainbows of pinks purples and blues.

(I suppose 2-a … Should have been “buy fairy lights”… But I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t have them in the first place.)





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