Here Is The Story Of The Dream Diary

In 2013 I had a bit of a ‘Dream Diary’ Debacle some may say. I’m sure it’s a common pickle.

I was living in Sydney working in the PR department of a POPular Radio Station. (More Taytay Sweezy than Lil Weezy.) One Thursday, my boss left the office to attend an urgent meeting in Melbourne. She told me to stop what we were working on and just wait by the phone. Something possibly to do with legal or finance and definitely above my pay grade was going on.  I didn’t mind. I did as I was told and ate my sushi at my desk and stared at my pin board covered with photos and print outs of Fiji.

I decided promptly that I was bored. I offered my assistance to the production team, the radio hosts and their producers, who sat in our hip hop happening little desk circle. They were fine and didn’t need anything blah blah.

So instead, NATURALLY, I pulled out my brand new Kikki-K diary and began constructing a dream life made of photocopies and doodles. As any young professional woman on stand-by would.

I went to the stationary cupboard and got pens and glue. I would have used glitter but it seemed our stationary budget holder did not appreciate it the way I do. Anyway, I was so enthralled with in my book of hopes and dreams that I didn’t notice the production team giggling around me. I was also so chuffed with myself when I left work that day, I didn’t even notice my new diary was missing at the 5pm Freedom Call.

I heard it though. Later that night. My Dream Diary. Being read out. Live On Air.

During a segment called “What Do You Really Do When You Are Meant To Be Working

To cut a long story short – I was fired.

I then wrote a scathing email about the Ludicrousness of the situation and was promptly Promoted. Right out of the Promotions team.

A few months later I left anyway.

To turn my Dream Diary into my reality. Here it is.

dream diary 1
TICK. The Love Shack at The Beachouse. Full of Randoms. Who Happen also to be Family. We have puppies, babies, Kiwis, Austrians, Australians, way too many surf boards, very few arguments and love like boomerangs. Once a Love Shacker always a Love Shacker. {brucestevematthosannasummersteadyeddybeckymattyjyepeckerbryceunclenickcormacjoshcousinsamcousintroycousinwoodyandrewcousybrocayladaddymoritzchloenicolecelenejustinewillweekspeterjtrompfcolinmelinowaywaybaebaejustinrajandpaulyisobelrachelevenmichelle}



dream diary 2
HALF TICK. Lots of Swimming in our Pacific… not so sure about the breath holding. I talk alot. Even underwater.
dream diary 3
WORK IN PROGRESS*  *unrealistic
dream diary 4
BIG FAT TICK. This represented more time with Cormac. (Sorry Ratu)
dream diary 5

Proof: Bed

dream diary 6
TICK. Yeah Baby!! And doing something awesome. Next to my river. With the World in Mind.


image1 (2)

dream diary 7
TICK AGAIN! *sort of

Proof: (Some may wrongfully describe it as a tree platform….)


dream diary 9

Proof. No Biggy. Picture of Me Singing With Knox. At The Bar My Family Owns…


dream diary 10

TICK. Both Eds bar and Traps are quite far away.

TICK. booya.
TICK. booya.

Well well well. Who’s laughing now.

(All of us I hope …….. miss you guys.)

xx Matisse


  1. Maccabros

    Interesting story – be sure, I would not fire you – this could be a real good story, even for the radio – they didn’t understand it…

    All the best and take good care of you, dear…


  2. schattenengel

    I was really wrapped up reading your story.
    It’s interesting. At the beginning I wondered where the story would lead and II loved the pictures at the end….

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