Bare And Bubbles 

I don’t know much. About forevers or nevers. I am a giggle filled coconut with easy way outs and friends at sunset in different time zones moving to kygo and mojitos. I am really fortunate. Rarely frightened.

Sometimes it’s okay to mix it up.

I am spending a few days in silver beds surrounded by people with silver hair. They took my silver rings and anklets, my silver toe nail polish chipped under socks that someone else has to change for me. My silver iPhone beeps and beeps like a heart monitor pulsing with golden global bubbles of good thoughts.

There are some gorgeous people here. Making decisions all alone. An old man on the end of his hospital bed signing papers farewelling his limbs through silver tears. I stare stare stare at him from over my food tray. Racking my brain. Imagining. How do I be someone for him. Fill the air with rainbows.

It’s all I want to do. But I don’t. In here, we are all a little out of breath.

When the clothes are gone, the filters, the freedom. When we are bare. When we don’t fit a catagory, a colour, a kind.

Be Kind.

To yourself, your body and the bodies that surround you. Love and laughter. Not likes.

That’s the only jewellery you need bubba bears.


Xx Matisse


  1. Maccabros

    Love is all around – we dont need all the things we have, we only need love, friendship and freedom and, of course, health –

    all the best for YOU and hope its getting better, soon…♥…


  2. Rosa Dominiko

    Bula my dear. Get well soon.Sending you my Big Hug and Kisses.Take care.You are in my thought and prayer. Take it easy and SOTA TALE…….

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