#BAFFLED – What in the lipstick, Jacyln?

Welcome once more, to #BAFFLED … a series of notes for the utterly confused, truly perplexed and entirely bamboozled by pop-culture hot button topics.

Hello again. As previously mentioned (right here) I am Matisse, the captain of this adorable lost ship. As I too, have not a clue. And certainly not an opinion. Nor slither of outrage. What I do possess though, is many a question.

Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

So tonight, I would like to bring to your attention, a wee young lass, named Jaclyn Hill. Of course, I know neither if she is wee, nor young. But here she is nonetheless.

Jacyln Hill, Youtube, Make-up, Lipstick, Jacyln Hill Make Up scandal

So this …. person, is apparently a very big YouTube star. Just as my knowledge of el’Jackie is lacking, so too is my understanding of  YouTube stardom and in fact YouTube in general, as I mentioned in my past *award-winning blog.

Jaclyn is a make-up artist, influencer, personality, honestly I’m unsure. I like her necklace and wish she wouldn’t show us so much of her bra. (You know what they say love… bigger the hoop, bigger the …. ho-pe of being able to use them as bracelets! 😉 yay.)

So Jaclyn has gotten herself into some very tepid water in the mystical realms social media. About 24 hrs ago, despite having 5M+ followers (can’t be bothered to find recent stat) on Instagram & Twitter, she has just shut down her profiles. Shocking.

Why, you ask? Well I will tell you. Because. Her lipstick. Was lumpy.

I meeeean. What a day, what a day. That. We. Live. In.

So, not to get into the nitty gritty of the lippy. But basically, she just released a line of lipsticks called Jacyln … (googling) Cosmetics (gosh, should have just guessed). Some of the first batch was great blah blah. But then people started complaining. There was a Twitter war. Lots of twittering and twattering and twits and retwits. Then photos began to emerge. And THIS my comrades, is where it gets verrrrrrrry interesting. According to me.

The photos revealed the reason for the *crying and *sobbing and uncontrollable anger towards Jacyln and her products. Customers were literally opening up their package to find none other than:

1 – HAIR in their lipstick.
2 – METAL in their lipstick.


I know there is a lot of online babble on accountability, professionalism etc etc so on and so forth. But once more, I feel the point has been missed completely. Let’s talk about the hairs. The lodged foreign objects.

Jaclyn Hill Lipstick Hair Mould Nail


Walk us through the life of these hairs would you please. Where were they before this? How in Lord Howe’s name did they end up in ‘hair’. (haha)

Also, how is it possible to accidentally get, what looks to be, a nail in a lipstick? I am COMPLETELY at a loss once again to understand. Not the meaning of what I am looking at, the actual physical thing I am beholding before my eyes. What, do we actually have here?

Send help.

First to Jaclyn of course. Bless her cotton socks (and her woollen gloves? Is that what’s going on?).


Truly baffled.

Until we meet again (at a time determined by me),




*untruths aka lies.




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