Little Mitch 2

Mitch called back again tonight. If you don’t know who Mitch is you are missing out on a little ray of sunshine. This is Mitch I wrote on a piece of paper “please Angus if you get a second can you please do a shout-out for nine year old Mitch and tell Australia he loves […]


Little Mitch

The cutest thing since Rudy Huxtable just happened. A little boy named Mitch called the radio show I work on. He told me what his name was and that he was 9 years old. He asked me if we could please play a song for a girl named Zoe. He was very shy. I told […]


Dear Dreams

Dear Dreams, I know I’ve been cutting down your time to shine. I have been squeezing you in like my boobs in that blue C cup. (Apologies to both of you. Well. All three of you.) Anyway. McDreamtime. It’s time to make a come back. I promise to stop watching so much Catfish. (It’s so […]