Hello my name is Matisse. I am a Journalist by trade. A Campaigner by occupation. An Activist by choice. A Blonde Fijian by heritage. A Cyclone by personality. A Dreamer by soul.

A Daughter, a Sister, a Mother, a Friend, a Partner by day. And night.

A Fierce Child of Paradise.

a peice by matisse

Little Disclaimer: I work for Greenpeace… I love reposting their content because all 6ft 1 of me, stands tall and proud behind the organisation’s values.  Independence. Creative confrontation. And a vision for a green and peaceful future.

BUT this is my blog. This is a diary of my journey.  It doesn’t always represent the opinions of Greenpeace. After all, Greenpeace, like the world, is made up of lots of different people with lots of different opinions. And I’m just one of them.

This is my personal eternal quest to help deliver peace from the hearts of humans to the heart of the world.

I pray to God I do not define…. That one day we may eradicate everything from poverty, depression, greed, unsustainable development, animal cruelty to loneliness.

And that we save our earth  … and the essence of ourselves.

Peace by Piece.

 “Heart and Earth are the same thing baby girl. It’s just how you rearrange the letters.”

Laugh, Love and Be A Force To Be Reckoned With!   xxx Matisse

10 Comments Add yours

  1. doosa says:

    Hey Mati!
    stumbled across your website and its very cool!
    im impressed.

  2. Georgie Porge says:

    I just watched Sweet Home Alabama and thought of you.
    Missing you always xx

    1. matissewb says:

      I love you. I’m with Erin. We both love you. Xx

      1. George Porge says:

        send me your email address sarah.moore@wk.com (its george btw) I miss you! xx

  3. Daryl C says:

    Hi Matisse, Just spent the day at girls GPS working on the shot and was thinking of you and Millie and the times you both were competing – whats happening these days

    1. matissewb says:

      Mr Cross!!

      How are you??? It has been a long time. I am great! Living in Sydney. Millie is good also-she’s still in Brisbane- she’s a Gym Manager now. Still sporty haha. How are the dogs?? 🙂

  4. Daryl Cross says:

    Hi Matisse, We are still showing the dogs – off to Melbourne in November for the National Dachshund Show – we won t in Brissie in 2009. Havent been to aths for over twelve months. Joan fell and broke her hip three years a ago and had to have hip replacement which has restricted her a bit. Now that we are in the “70’s” we have had to slow down a bit.
    What are you doing with youself in Sydney, still modelling? I have listened to your songs and read your writings – looks like journalism has paid off for you.
    Look after yourself

  5. Gallivanta says:

    Hi Mati, Just for fun I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. http://silkannthreades.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/397/
    If you are wondering who is this, think sister of uncle originally from Christchurch. Your blog is full of sunshine. Keep on writing. You don’t have to accept the award.

    1. matissewb says:


      Oh my gosh thank-you so much. You are a star. Thank-you thank-you xxxxxxxx

      1. Gallivanta says:

        Thank you for your blog. It lights up my day.

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