Bula! My name is Matisse…

(yes, just like the artist you clever little duck.)


A journalist by education.
A campaigner by occupation.
A storyteller by practice and personality.
A mother.
A wife.
A daughter.
A sister.
A songwriter by dinner time.
A road-trip front-seat world class performer.
A terrible cook.
A climate activist.
A proud Fijian.
A proud Australian.
A great coffee drinker.
A kid who grew up in a backpackers resort
A kid who never really grew up at all.
A (very) ex-model.
A cyclone, an Aries, a dreamer.


“Matisse is a brand and campaign strategist with a social impact and public relations background. She develops meaningful and poignant storytelling to create deep social change.

Matisse has been involved in the design and execution of national and global campaigns for 10+ years, across the environmental, start up and pop-culture arenas.

Matisse led the Pacific region for Greenpeace for four years, worked for Southern Cross Austereo in integrated marketing campaigns, was a marketing business coach for SME’s in the Australian-aided ‘Fiji Enterprise Engine’ and is a PR specialist with Australia’s Launch Group.

Matisse’s passion is creating movements by aligning strong solutions and messages with growing communities.

With intentional storytelling, inclusivity and resonance being a core focus of Matisse’s work, she has developed deep expertise in community mobilisation through the de-privileging of communication, content and engagement tactics.

Her goal is always to inspire & incite authentic action from those best placed to progress a cause, or support a brand.

In 2018, Matisse’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found ‘The Projects Collective’, a platform and co-working space for ethical artisans in the Pacific, as well as ‘The Projects Creative‘, an educational portal for those needing a little help organising and energising their big brave idea.”


  1. Daryl C

    Hi Matisse, Just spent the day at girls GPS working on the shot and was thinking of you and Millie and the times you both were competing – whats happening these days

    1. matissewb

      Mr Cross!!

      How are you??? It has been a long time. I am great! Living in Sydney. Millie is good also-she’s still in Brisbane- she’s a Gym Manager now. Still sporty haha. How are the dogs?? πŸ™‚

  2. Daryl Cross

    Hi Matisse, We are still showing the dogs – off to Melbourne in November for the National Dachshund Show – we won t in Brissie in 2009. Havent been to aths for over twelve months. Joan fell and broke her hip three years a ago and had to have hip replacement which has restricted her a bit. Now that we are in the “70’s” we have had to slow down a bit.
    What are you doing with youself in Sydney, still modelling? I have listened to your songs and read your writings – looks like journalism has paid off for you.
    Look after yourself

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