I started this blog in 2010, as a University project, only a couple of weeks after I lost my little brother to suicide. Naturally, it became much more to me.

A way for me to communicate to the sky. An online diary. A super unsubtle way to tell my ex-boyfriends what I wanted them to hear, but couldn’t really fit into text messages, on account of the pesky character count.

It become a memory box for my most laughable days. A trove of ridiculous tidbits. And my questions. Oh so many questions! Questions about this world we inhabit. Both made of dirt and water, and the one we create with all our wild stories and catching ideas.

Nowadays, as I settle into my old(er) age, I try as hard as I might to pair some of those questions with a handful of possible answers. Together, they form this blog.  My little anthology of essays about society, humanity, and all the wonders of us.

Hopefully you find some stories that speak to you.