Bula! My name is Matisse…

(yes, just like the artist you clever litttle duck.)

WHO I AM // 

A journalist by education.
A campaigner by occupation.
A storyteller by practice and personality.
A mother.
A wife.
A daughter.
A sister.
A songwriter by dinner time.
A front-seat-of-the-car performer.
A terrible cook.
A great coffee drinker.
A (very) ex-model.
A cyclone, an Aries, a dreamer.


“Matisse is a campaign strategist with a social impact and public relations background. She has been involved in the design and execution of national and global campaigns for 10+ years, across the environmental, start up and pop-culture arenas.

Matisse led the Pacific region for Greenpeace for four years, worked for Southern Cross Austereo in integrated campaigns, is a marketing business coach for SME’s for the Australian-aided ‘Fiji Enterprise Engine’ and a PR specialist for Sydney social enterprise start-ups.

Matisse’s passion is aligning innovative ideas with strong integrated audiences through storytelling, inclusive movement-building and the diffusion of information.

With resonance being a core focus of Matisse’s work, she has developed deep expertise in ‘tribe building’ through the conscious ‘de-privileging’ of communication, marketing and engagement tactics. Her goal is always to inspire & incite authentic action from those best placed to progress a cause, or support a brand.

In 2018, Matisse’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found ‘The Projects Collective‘, a platform and co-working space for ethical artisans in the Pacific, as well as ‘The Projects Creative‘, an educational portal for those needing a little help organising and energising their big brave idea.”

Matisse Headshot


  1. Daryl C

    Hi Matisse, Just spent the day at girls GPS working on the shot and was thinking of you and Millie and the times you both were competing – whats happening these days

    1. matissewb

      Mr Cross!!

      How are you??? It has been a long time. I am great! Living in Sydney. Millie is good also-she’s still in Brisbane- she’s a Gym Manager now. Still sporty haha. How are the dogs?? πŸ™‚

  2. Daryl Cross

    Hi Matisse, We are still showing the dogs – off to Melbourne in November for the National Dachshund Show – we won t in Brissie in 2009. Havent been to aths for over twelve months. Joan fell and broke her hip three years a ago and had to have hip replacement which has restricted her a bit. Now that we are in the “70’s” we have had to slow down a bit.
    What are you doing with youself in Sydney, still modelling? I have listened to your songs and read your writings – looks like journalism has paid off for you.
    Look after yourself

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